Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I Drank the Blogger Kool-Ade

It was just a few short years ago when I took a sacred, moral oath never to become one of the pretentious, self-absorbed windbags who inflict their oft-moronic, miniscule ideas upon the masses via blogging. And now look at me! So what, you ask, has led to this massive break in my convictions, this Benedict Arnold act of personal treason? Have I changed my opinion on blogs, or decided to attempt an oxymoronically non-pretentious one? No and no! I still feel that most blogs are frivolous wastes of time and cannot promise that mine will be any different. The reason for breaking my own moral code and jumping on the blog bandwagon is simple – I'm bored. And my morals were never that strong in the first place.

Having perhaps said too much already, salutations and welcome to my blog! On the off chance that you are not personally acquainted with me, I shall provide some very brief but delightful choice tidbits about myself. I am an inveterate cinephile, music obsessee, carouser, over-opinionated TV watcher, shower singer, knitter, whiner and a drunk. And - as I am currently a gainfully unemployed scourge upon my family and humanity at large - I have dangerously large amounts of time on my hands. Thus, the blog!

Apologies for the affected blog title. For those sadly not versed in French I shall elucidate: en franรงais, noix means nut, thus the title is jointly referencing my own status as a film nut, and the 1940’s genre of film noir of which I am fond. I ran the title by my dear friend Zander over at Zandervision and he decried it a mite pretentious, though exclaimed that our demigod ex-professor Andrew Sarris (who, for lack of any other worthy photo candidates, is pictured above) would be proud of my clever witticism. As the title gently hints, the blog will pertain to film. Truly though, I intend to write about anything that strikes my fancy. I am opinionated to a fault, and therefore intend for this blog to be a place for me to air my various thoughts, no matter how trivial or asinine. Reader beware! This blog – like so many blogs before it – will be insufferably inconsequential, self-absorbed and probably hideously uninteresting. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


  1. Sarris would be so proud....if he knew what a blog was.

  2. That's an amazing photo of him. And yes, I agree with Zander. He would be very proud: French + wittiness + self-deprecating humor + pride in being opinionated = Sarris-tastic