Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Picking a Bone with Padma

Happy New Year’s Eve all! As today is a Wednesday, one thought weighs heaviest on my mind: Top Chef. Alas, it is not to be. It won’t be back until next week, but I figured I would satiate some of your craving for the show by discussing something that has been irking me ever since the new season premiered. Yes, that’s right my qualm is with Padma’s wardrobe. Quite simply, what is she thinking?

Whether classy, gaudy, or just plain ridiculous,

her clothes from the seasons of yore were always provocative. And as she so proudly proclaimed ages ago, she has no stylist, which - through hit and miss - I admired her for. Yet this season she has done nothing but disappoint and suddenly I am thinking she should have someone doing her wardobe, perhaps Rachel Zoe (sorry, bad Bravo joke). Her sudden turn of blandness is especially vexing considering that the locale of season 5 is New York City which is by far the most fashion conscious of any of the cities yet to be frequented by Top Chef. Take a look at the drab ensemble below:

What is that? What are all those weird stringy things? This fashion-faux-pas was made worse by the fact that this was the first outfit she wore of the entire season; it was as if she wanted us to renounce her status as fashion icon of the food community! Also, just before she was shown, we were treated to an irony-filled speech by Cheftestant Richard in which he proclaimed: “The inner queen inside me was screaming to know: where's Padma and what is she wearing?” Poor, poor Richard and poor, poor us.

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